Friday, July 27, 2012

Being Real...Stress

3 weeks of untold issues, breakdowns, changes, unknown, boxes, 10 lives, and questions for tomorrow can create a tad bit of stress for all involved. 

I think our stress is hitting the fan today.  I'll be honest here...I about lost it! (or should I say I actually did!) Not mad at anyone person but frustrated that communication is so hard.  Deciding I was completely mad (at the misconception I was which I am now mad!) and wanting someone to know, I picked up my flip-flop and threw it! 

Not getting the sound affect I hoped for I took my other flip flop off and threw it!

Again...dud!  (try sound)

So next thing near me is a blanket!  I give it a big kick....NOTHING!

Seriously, I can't even throw a legitimate temper-tantrum.  OR was it God saving me from myself? 

Not giving up I am now on a mission to find something that makes noise! Next thing in reach is a door, give it the right shove and you have full on sound effect.  Of course what happened next was my heart sank and I was remorseful.  I fulfilled the noise I was going for but now my anger turned into regret.  Why couldn't I stop at the blanket?

God gave me 3 chances to calm down and I was having NONE of it.

More than that why didn't I keep on with my right focus?  I knew there was a communication issue between me and a couple of teens.  And after so long...I cracked!  Gave into their frustration on my own accord.  Went down the slippery slope with them.  I just let my emotions roll...gave them full control!

I know they are as stressed as we are with what will come or not come.  They are sick of the boxes and possible move as I am.  They are as confused at what to pack or not pack.  Their minds can't comprehend either the 'what next steps' may be.  God gave me opportunity to walk before them and I gave up and joined the emotional roller coaster.

Sometimes you just want to have your pity party too.  I wish I could say I persevered and held on to what I knew was happening and kept my cool.  But I did not, but I am NOW.  I'm counting to 10, taking a deep breath, seeking God,  and will put back on my mom hat, and be the mom.

Still not quite sure how to solve the emotional issues at hand but knowing my God is faithful and He will present a solution soon...if I am willing to look for it vs looking for an object to throw!

The wisdom will come when I can determine whether there is something to do with this situation or not.  Maybe emotions needed to roll and I should have been the one to deflect the noise vs looking to create my own noise.
Lord, help us follow one step at a time and be content with the moment you have left us in for now.  Help me be the mom and lead my children well.  Amen!

You have to love God's humor!  After blogging and getting back to the chore of cleaning house and boxing up I checked my phone for messages.  Look at the text my husband sent to me and the teens...prior to reading my blog or knowing what had happened 30 minutes prior!

Let's just say the entire house is enjoying our little meltdown and how God restores the soul!

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