Monday, July 23, 2012

A Little This, A Little That, and Dizzy

So much to do and yet God draws me back to blogging!  Between shuffling kids from this job to that, answering emails, setting up carpet cleaner, orthodontist appointments, and planning on 10 year old being baptized this Sunday a peek at Facebook does a mom good. 

Sure it can be a distraction but sometimes it can feed the soul.

I laughed out loud when I saw this cartoon picture because this is our life as a parent!  Pulling, pushing, tugging, holding on is what we do for so many years!  We fuss about it at the beginning because it is so draining and then we cry about it later because it came too fast!  Back to the reminder of my favorite quote by Tim Kimmel "The days are long but the years are short!" 

After viewing this cartoon I then read a friends post talking about Dizzy Kids A Real Danger!  It's a quick read and a great post for mom's!  She gives a practical way to communicate with your teens that can make parenting a little easier for you and them.  Your influence can help them find their balance.  You will enjoy reading from a mom who is real, practical, and who has written a new book!  Can't wait to get her book "Be the Mom: Over Come Attitude Traps and Enjoy Your Kids"  It's a new book release...I'll race you to get a copy!

So where are you on the parenting journey?  Pulling or holding on?

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