Saturday, July 21, 2012

YES!, I Hear You Child

I was reminded this week how God in a quiet moment will let me know "YES, I hear you child!"

After having a slightly rough few weeks of 'you name it, we will fall apart on you' fiasco's in our life, I was having a pity party.  You know that moment when you have been doing okay handling the issues but all of a sudden you are just...
...DONE the end of your rope
               ...not sure you can move forward!

That was me on Monday!

As I was getting ready for our day I started trying to figure out HOW to get things done with the reality the van needed to go BACK into the shop!  I LOOKED RIGHT in the mirror, and verbally said, "God, I may have grace for people but NOT for CARS!"  Kinda a why us moment!

Literally within minutes of stating the fact and brainstorming how to make life work the next few days without wheels again, I received a text from a friend.

...we would like for ya'll to use one of our vehicles while you are going through another fun time of shop repairs.  We have been there and know it can be crazy coordinating life with no wheels.  
My first response was to say that's okay we are fine.

Why do we do that?

It wasn't okay and it wasn't fine because juggling 10 people in a car that holds maybe 3-4 (if they are small children) just doesn't work.  And especially since that car happens to be a stick shift that doesn't actually shift very well.  Put a new shifter, like me, behind a truck like that, could be for some great blogging adventures OR a crying Mom! (most likely BOTH)

Realizing at that very moment I almost turned down God!  He had heard my cry and had answered it in minutes!  And I was nearly dumb enough to ignore it!

Responding "Yes...what a blessing!"  Here is what she said next....
Your heavenly Father is looking out for you and has you on His mind.  He told me to let you know we can share!

I don't know about you...but typing this out just makes me cry all over again!

Cry out...God hears your cry!  You just never know how or who He may use to answer your cry.

          ...and be ready to receive!

Or if you are on the other end...maybe you are the Giver...
         ...apply action!  (You never know who might have been crying out to God and YOU are the one He wants to use to answer His child!)  

What a blessed God we serve to meet our needs so uniquely that all I can say is, "He heard my cry!"

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