Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Silly Request

You got to love a spouse who is willing to serve verses making you feel like an idiot.

Today we were out and I parked the truck (the stick shift) on an incline. Apparently, I was excited about being out for a few hours (without children) and totally forgot to make sure I was parked on the incline where I can have a rolling start. ( vehicle within rolling direction!)

(I have been driving the stick off and on for months but I still take the long path to avoid the steep hill and I always park so that when I roll (BECAUSE I WILL) there will be no vehicle contact!)

My husband had left and it was quickly apparent to me that I would HIT the car behind me without some intervention. I tried to pull out a couple of times only I was getting closer and closer to the car behind me! I am positive he was nearly to work when he received my call. Knowing he already had a busy day I was obviously not helping ease his day. But instead of him putting me down for my lack of expertise in stick driving, or forcing me to figure another plan, or letting me know what a big inconvenience this was, or laughing at my silly request (to help drive my car out of the parking space), he politely said "I'll turn around and be there in a minute."

That small gesture just makes me want to serve him more. It spurred me on. A spouse like that creates energy in a relationship NOT eat it up!

How many times do our husbands come in from a stressful day at work, do we listen as they share?
Are we quick to share our difficult day? Kinda like we have to prove whose day was worse.

I thank my husband for treating me like the girl he used to date! You know, when they would drop anything to help you out just to get one more moment with you. We get our moments (crazy as they are these days) together but now he does this to honor his wife. AND she feels honored!

Ladies, next time your husband comes in from a stressful day, treat him like the guy you used to date. When you would sympathize with his difficult day and care that it was a struggle. Its our moment to give him the respect he so desires and bring energy back into a draining day!

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  1. Gee, that made me tear up. The thought of Barry turning around to get you out of a parking jam! How nice! Makes me think also of how our kids feel when they need our help on a "silly" situation. They don't need chastisement or guilt...just help. I mean, think of how hard it is just to ASK!