Monday, August 20, 2012

Things I Learned Home Schooling

What do 16 years of Home Schooling teach you?
  • The knowledge that Home Schooling will more often than not...NOT go the way I plan!
  • Often the first day SOMEBODY will cry! (but its okay) 
  • Eventually I will get to what I planned on teaching! (might be next year but it will happen!)
  • It is more about how I respond than what I teach!
  • Every year school looks a little different!
  • Never say "I won't be one of those moms that switches curriculum"...because you will!
  • Never start everything the first day!  OR YOU will be the one crying and possibly ALL children!
  •  It will take at least 2 weeks before everyone is doing their full load! Grow into your schedule.
  • I always take a nap the first day of school!  By 3:00 I am DONE! If I am are they!  Ease into the schedule!
  • No matter how well I planned...I will always need to tweak my plan!
  • Someone will hate school no matter what I do! Always one not happy!
  • The youngest will interrupt me at all the wrong moments!
  • The newest child in school will always be the most excited!
  • The 5th and 6th grader will be ready to quit...Day 3!
  • The 13-15 year olds will be the angriest!
  • The upper high school just want to get it done and often have no patience when I must jump from K math to Geometry in seconds. They eventually learn...its gonna take mom a second!  If you are smart and make them wait long enough...they will give up on you and figure it out themselves!  Don't be in a hurry to answer them!
  • The college students...well, they will finally see they didn't know how good they had it with MOM!
  • Dad will be thrilled if you can have a smile when he comes home! IF you can smile the first day he has hope the year may not kill his wife!
  • I MUST allow grace to fill my heart before I start!
  • There is more to learning than book my response, my emotions, my attitude..matters!
  • I must start out the first 6 weeks strong because it is down hill after that!  Thank goodness for 4 semesters!!!  Allows me to re-group and go at it again!
  • Life will always get in the way!  So deal!  It would happen if they were in school too! *said with love!*
  • The first 6 years I will repeat, repeat, repeat...and maybe by 6th grade they will finally remember the period every time they need it!
  • I will solve as many sibling problems as they probably do math problems!  Teaching moments!
  • Tomorrow is a new day!  Hallelujah! or Lord...WHAT was I thinking?  Depending on how my day ended!
  • Be with other home school MOMS!  You need to know you aren't alone!
  • You can do this!
  • It's not for everyone!
  • Thankful we have options!
  • When I feel the emotions about to bust out of me, I get eye to eye with one of our children (preferrably the youngest...they are the cutest!), take a deep breath,...God always seems to break my angry heart when I look into their eyes and see they are wanting to learn...they are just a child...doing childish things...then I remember it is more about my response than it is the books or MY agenda!
  • Hug your kids!  Let them see that mom can handle the stress, the mess, the fallout, of crazy Home School Days!  
  • Best thing I can give them...a peaceful grace-filled home to learn! 
  • I will always question my ability to teach my children.
  • Having kids in college prove to me that my kids can learn inspite of moms short-comings!
  • I will always at some point (if not several) times throughout the school year...WILL consider putting EVERYONE in school!
  • Teaching kids to read...will ALWAYS put me to sleep!
 The Biggest realization....
  • I can cook meals (real meals!)
  • I can keep a clean house
  • I can educate the children
  • I just CAN'T do all 3 well at the same time!  

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