Friday, May 11, 2012

What Do They See

It's a typical day of 1 mom, 8 kids, and a gazillion errands before me.  A list of errands almost always includes some sort of Target run in my schedule.  While looking for a place to park I enjoyed watching a mom walking out with her young children, each of them laughing and talking.  Her children were young and yet instead of the usual frustrated mom and pouting kids this pictures was unique.  You couldn't help but notice and smile too!

Makes you wonder what story we tell when out with our children?

Do others believe that children are a joy?
Do others see life as mundane and frustrating?
Do others know that life with children is busy but you can still have lots of laughs?

If that had been me walking out, would others have been drawn to ponder about a mom enjoying her children and her children enjoying their mom?

I want our life to tell 'THAT' story!  I want others to see the JOY I know we can have when we live in the moment of a relationship vs the next task or agenda to complete.

The task will always be there, the phone is always around, that text message can be sent later...but THAT child will be grown and gone in the blink of an eye!  Just ask any mom graduating a child today!  Let's seize our moment and enjoy these precious children even when our list is longer than they are tall!  Let's show a world that being a mom is a fabulous thing!  It is our pleasure to pour into these precious souls!  Of all the task we have before us...THIS ONE...raising children...there is no greater job that God has entrusted in our care!

Let's enjoy these messy, undisciplined little people!  Because despite their short comings...

Happy Mother's Day!

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