Tuesday, May 8, 2012

There Is No Break

Everyday I wake up thinking my joyful personality (heehee) will keep my children at peace, loving life, and no arguments.  Yet everyday we wake up to correction, discipline, and ME...having to keep my calmness in the midst of the storm!

It doesn't take you long to be a mom to many to learn that everyday will be an opportunity to teach your children conflict resolution!  There are no breaks when raising children!  (Sorry to break the news to you this way!)

I have to keep in mind that I am training them how to be well adjusted adults.  I am teaching them how to resolve conflicts, to forgive, extend grace, and how to appeal decisions.  I am teaching them how to have a great marriage, wonderful friends, and love others.  I am teaching them life!  Everyday, every minute of everyday!

Tired or not...this must be taught!

Praying after years of engaging and influencing their lives we can look back and say, "Man, that was worth it!" To see my children know how to have a marriage with discussions vs yelling arguments.  How to listen and then appeal to the one you are talking too vs walking away and mumbling about another one of God's children.  How to let it go when you have been wronged.  How to fight fair when you need to push forward.  And to know that no matter what...you have to deal with your issue apart from the other person.

Oh how we all want to point fingers and blame the other person.  And yet, we find that regardless of what the other person does, I have to ask myself..."what am I going to do?"  What is God asking me to do?  My life can't be dependent upon the other person doing right.  I have to choose to respond right, regardless of what the other one does or says.  THIS is NOT an easy thing to teach your kids.  But as they get older I have to say...what a joy to watch them living life knowing they are in charge of their emotions and that it is not dependent upon mom, friends, other people, or their circumstances.  We see our older children living life to its fullest....living in JOY!  That sure helps me get a little energy to push forward with the younger ones.  My kids keep looking for the moment I tell them they are right and justified in their anger.  They will wait a long time for that to happen.  In our home if there is an argument...you both are wrong and you both are probably right.  It takes time to walk through the issue and train.  Life would be a lot simpler for me to choose a winner and a loser but then...they would all lose!

Instead, we go for all winners and that means....no break for mom! 

Thankful for a Lord that keeps my energy going when this mom just wants a break!  


  1. Thankful to KNOW that you will keep remembering Philippians 4:13 and will then look back and truly be able to say "Man, that was worth it!" Thankful you are relying on the love, strength, authority and power of God! (I Peter 4:8-11) PROUD OF YOU!

  2. I totally agree. I keep thinking. . . once school is over, once VBS is over, once Africa mission trips are over, once summer league basketball is over, once summer basketball camp is over. . . but the truth is, the conflict is not just because of the busyness. It's just LIFE! And learning to live it with grace. Thanks for the encouragement!