Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Mom Who Doesn't Work...Really?

Hmm...if you are a mom this surely has you baffled as much as me!  I loved the moment my sweet child said the words, "Well, mom, you don't really work."  Said while standing at the top of the stairs, looking down on me as I am on my hands and knees spot cleaning and scrubbing the carpet in the 6th room for the day.  I had only been doing it for 5 hrs already.  To the child's defense...she had been gone and we all know "Out of sight moms really don't do anything!" HA

I find myself astonished every time I hear that statement.  No I don't work!  I just grocery shop for 10 people, make 3 meals a day (well...maybe not always...but at least I have food here!)  That does mean I provide 30 individual meals a day! OR 210 individual meals a week!  OR 900 meals a month!  Shall I go on?

How about those hair cuts every 2 weeks?  6 boys!  At least the girls we can go 6-8 weeks.  Well, the older 2 opt for someone other than mom. Of course I am free labor but since I don't work I guess they should go somewhere else!  LOL

I am the banker because they don't have time to make it by the bank.
I am the manager of the laundry mat!  Because if I wasn't the constant reminder it is time to wash your laundry the bottom 1/2 of the house could become a mountain of clothes.
I am the maid who keeps everyone on task to do their chores (to which when they don't I am picking up the pieces because they are too busy!) 
I am the school teacher that enforces education.
I am the nurse to mend their wounds.
I am the driver for those who cannot drive.  Or the gas station for those who can but decide they are too busy to fill the tank!  haha
I am the woman who prays constantly for her children.
I am the counselor who walks the rough roads with them.
I am the mom in the sandwich generation who cares for her children while caring for her parents.
I bought 13 graduation gifts, helped provide money for 4 mission trips, worked with my husband as he spoke at a parenting conference, held a garage sale, and worked a booth for essential oils..all in the past 3 weeks.

Yep, you are right my child I don't understand how tired you are because I really don't work!

But I will say, it is my pleasure to be a mom and fill a role that will always be misunderstood until YOU ARE a mom!  I looked forward to the day I was a mom.  I lived through the days where I thought I wouldn't make it.  I am now living in the time when I know I can't do it all but I can do one thing at a time, walk in God's grace and somehow...things just get done.

Here's to you mom's out there! *CHEERS*
To the children who may read this...go hug your mom (daily), she really does work!  heehee!

For extra fun, click on the link below!  Enjoy seeing your value!  But know...numbers are only part of the story!  The real value you bring...I am pretty sure you can't put monetary value on!  

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