Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Red Van, Here I Come

Life has been a little more crazy the last couple of weeks! I would like to say it is ending but I have experience to just stays interesting like that for us! So why expect much to be different. Embrace the chaos is our chant!

We finally sold the 12 passenger van! Which meant us borrowing a car that only held 5 people. And of course in the midst of that our daughters car had to break down too! We like for our chaos to arrive big! Why go little when you can go big?

But now that gas is staying up, I spend more time with 2-4 people in my car at one time, and we all need a little change from time to time...we took the plunge and sold the big van! Not sure how it was gonna feel to drive a little mini-van again. (I still remember first time I got a mini-van...I thought it was so big compared to our car) Now that we have gone from big van to mini truly feels mini! But I like it! Even though it is probably near death!

Nobody tell my little boys! They were in car heaven today! Exploring, touching, sitting in every seat! Listening to them tell me this is the best car we have ever had (only 9 years older than our big van) they obviously didn't know the side mirror popped off while we were driving!

Stopping by the $1 store to purchase some tape (to help hold on the mirror), they even think that store is the best store on this planet! I love their perspective although slightly skewed! I wonder how often though my sight is skewed! As I ooh and aww over things that God knows there is so much more! He delights even in my silliness to enjoy the little things. I keep thinking what would my kids think if they actually road in a car that was only 1-2 years old. I can only imagine Gods delight when we actually get to glimpse at heaven!

Until that day, I shall continue to find joy in the little listening to my boys enjoy their ride! And I will remember that my car may be near death but God has untold treasures for me in heaven! See you on the road in my little red van!

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