Monday, September 19, 2011

Got a Little Bit of Everything Happening

Oh my word...will this day not end yet?

My mind is exploding from running 10 different directions! Each new thing making my heart pump all the more! You know as soon as you have one of those nights you can't sleep, tomorrow is likely NOT gonna be pretty!

Toddler waking you up to go to the bathroom and then finding he has some issue with his foot (as he crawls)! I can barely get my eyes open, so how in the world am I gonna find a tiny splinter!

In moments I have 7 year old and a 9 year old in a fight (shoot me now!), teens rolling their eyes that I might have an issue of them not waking up to do school, or ask them to clean up the kitchen, or that I would expect their clothes to be put away (give me a break!)!

Finally get kids on track with school and responsibilities, solve a few more issues with the little boys, organize some information on oils, answer some emails, grade 2 tests, fold a load of laundry, and I find 2 hours later I have a daughter with a broken down car.

"Mom, I'm kinda on the side of the road but afraid to drive my car." Why? "Cause it sounds funny!" Where are you? "Left work for lunch and I don't know what to do!" Call dad. "I already did. And my car isn't really out of the way." Start it and pull over. "MOM! I CAN'T! It sounds like its eating something!"

Uncontrollable laughter was just what was needed! That word picture alone...made my day!

No husband to reach by phone you do the next best a group of guys who live at the Greenhouse and see if they can help. Praise the Lord for a bunch of boys between classes eager for a challenge! One problem solved!

More school to do, more fights to solve, more laundry to do, more emails to answer, more bills to pay, more rooms to clean. Keep in mind I can't complete one task without being pulled into another. I seem to bounce from thing to thing!

So if you see me sometime today and my eyes are spinning around in my head, you will know I was a human pinball machine...that just keeps going and going and going!

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  1. Feeling very much like this, myself. :-) Laughter helps, doesn't it?