Friday, September 23, 2011

Bringing Order Back

I wake up this morning to a good day. Hugging a few kids, solving a problem, listening to teens still sleeping (I'll deal with that soon enough) then head to the kitchen. It doesn't take me more than 5 seconds to see the chaos my dear children love to create!

Open the refrigerator door to fix a little breakfast and discover it looks like someone turned the refrigerator upside down and then stood it back up! You know....I go in and organize that things every week. Everything has its place! And children keep making chaos out of order!

I go to retrieve a fork only to find they have mixed up ALL the silverware!
I go to grab a coffee cup and they are completely in the shambles!
Let's not even talk about the Tupperware containers or the pantry!

When you have a large family you create order with everything having its place. This way everyone can find what you are looking for and everyone can fix a meal in perfect peace and harmony! BUT noooooooo! That is clearly NOT my children's intention! (I don't think they fully understand my heart in this...they see a law to obey, not the heart behind my plan.)

As I was thinking about the chaos they created in my order, I was reminded in a soft voice about the chaos I create in God's order! (He is always teaching and training me...I believe He just reminded me how I only see the law to obey and not the heart behind His plan.)

  • My kids go for convenience, what feels right to them, and for what they believe to be easy! Just go through life carelessly!

  • I go for convenience, what feels right for me, and for what I believe to be easy! I go through life carelessly!
I created order in this home, FOR every ones greatest benefit! Not to harm them or to make them work harder. IF they follow my plan they will reap more convenience (as fixing a meal could happen in minutes vs an hour because you have to hunt). What is right for them will also benefit others (they focus on themselves with no thought to what happens to everyone else). They think their method simplifies their life (it might for a moment but in a few days their life is much more complicated). Their focus is only on themselves and not giving one thought to anyone else.

God created order for His children. FOR our benefit! Not to harm us or to make life more difficult. IF we follow His plan we will reap treasures! (we will experience peace and joy and not defeat, sorrow, and guilt). When I follow His order not only will I benefit but also who I am with will receive a blessing. My life is ultimately more simple when I follow God. Apart from Him I create an amazing amount of chaos that could have been avoided. When I follow God I become others focused vs self focused!

I love how the Lord probably says to us..."I love this child that creates such chaos!" "Just listen to me, my child! I am here to help you, not harm you. I have created this to help you live life to the fullest not to seem like a bunch of laws to follow. I love you dear child even when you choose to create chaos in your life!"

Thank you Lord for the little lessons you bring my way. Only you could bring such a valuable lesson from opening a refrigerator door!

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  1. So good! I have to take a deep breath every time I open a cabinet or drawer. :-)