Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finding My Groove

Well, it only took me 15 years to do it!  But this may be our smoothest year yet in homeschooling!  We are on week 8 and I have yet to be behind or completely loose a kid yet!  (Meaning some days…some kids don’t get through schoolI KNOWSHOCKER!)  Even my kids are amazed at the smoothness in which we are flying through the year! 
I don’t know whether God has just graciously made life click.

Has age brought about new clarity?
Have I completely left something off that I will discover at the end of the year?  Ugh..I pray not!

Or, has my family just finally gotten our act together?  Probably!
Regardless, I will enjoy the moment in which we live.  I shall continue to encourage new homeschoolers to not feel so bad if you feel you can’t find your groove.  I don’t know whether telling you it took me 15 years to do so will encourage, or defeat you. 

And, actually…we had a good system in Texas.  Moving to Arkansas more than did me in!  Then tack on the last pregnancy and a move within 18 months…a daughter graduating and all the new stuff you learn with that…yep…I feel better that it only took me 5 years in Arkansas to get my balance!  (I don't even know how I would have done all that with all the kids at school.)  Flexibility with schedules, sleeping in after late night youth events, or those mornings when baby is up all night, packing boxes, for that next move, or schooling during the summer...one day at a time and it eventually gets done!
Homeschooling can be forgiving, but can I? 

As moms/teachers we are our worst judge!  But having daughters in college who are thriving young adults is lightening the weight I once felt.  Thankful for a God that can fill in my holes and kids who are graciously patient as mom finds her Groove! 
I wonder what the next 15 years will hold since I am only ½ way done with homeschooling!  YIKES! 

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