Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let's Walk

Life is ever changing these days. 
From caring for little ones to taking time with my dad.  Its a wonderful thing to be part of their lives and them part of ours.  Sometimes things aren't so great as we age and our bodies decide to reject our desire to go forward and keep working.  But it is part of life on this side of heaven.  Thankfully we know better days are ahead. 

This week dad came to stay with us for a few hours as we kept him entertained for sure!  The boys introduced him to "Top Shots", their new fav show.  What boy/man doesn't like guns and things blowing up in slow motion?

It wasn't long and G'daddy was missing so I went to make sure things were okay.

It was so sweet to watch the 3 year old care for the 69 year old.  If grandaddy needed his shoes off, Brady was there to help.  If grandaddy needed a drink, Brady was on it!  I shouldn't be surprised that Brady was in ear shot of me checking on my dad.  (Dad's hands don't always want to do what is needed, so we are there to pick up the slack.)

Asking my dad if he needed help he announced "I can't get my hands to button this button."  Before I could say I'll help.  Brady had sprung into action!  Not knowing he was in the hall, he came bursting past me, hands shoving the door open, then reaching up to G'daddy's waste with little fingers wiggling like crazy, he announces, "I CAN DO IT!"

I giggle while G'daddy is trying to figure out why all these people are in here.

I announce to Brady that I better help.
Because you can't button your own pants!

G'daddy snickering and I'm trying not to bust out in a belly laugh!
I begin helping my dad as Brady watches intently to be sure he can help next time.

As life changes we walk a new walk.  We are slowing things down to honor a dad that kept up with our pace years ago.  It's a privlege to walk his pace.  Enjoying the moments we get as this 3 year old and this 69 year old are forever changing! 

I couldn't help but take a picture of life at its best.  God giving us one another to walk through life hand in hand. 


  1. Isn't Top Shot awesome?! Dustin Ellermann on the show is like a little brother to me! From ages 15-21, I worked/managed/directed our church's daycamp during the summers and his mom (our children's pastor) was my boss. I spent many a weekends babysitting his sister and him! His grandDad has been the pastor of our church in Orange for 31 years! We're all so crazy proud of him! Even when he was younger, he was a phenomenol kid! I loved spending time with him like I did a friend, even though he was 7 years younger. He was always making inventions and was just WAAAAY smarter than anyone else his age. And isn't he just darn likable?!! :) You ought to connect to him on facebook and let him know your kids like it! He's a great role model for kids! And of course, we hope he goes really far!!
    ~Laura Forester

  2. Beautiful post Shannon! Your daddy is in good hands...lots of them! :) Melissa.