Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Out, One Back In

Life will forever be changing around our home. We have reached THAT stage!

You know the STAGE of one kid out, another coming home, and yet another preparing to leave.

Life with 8 kids home and mom knowing the agenda has passed.
I am not the only one planning our days.
I am not the only one with an agenda.
I am not the only one with a car!

I truly believe we are at the hardest stage of life. (Don't we all feel that way at whatever stage we are in?) It is true! Whatever stage your are in....IS the hardest stage of life!

We have officially sent another child out the door. Can I really have 2 graduates now?!
We just moved her to another state for 2 months. I guess I am having to learn to adjust quicker! I was thinking I had till the fall to adjust but instead we graduate her one week and she is gone the next!

I really can't complain because God has been rather gracious to me. Sending my kids out slowly, bringing one back when one leaves, and providing great technology to stay in touch!

Now that we have the one back out, we are working on bringing one back in. As soon as that is complete we will be processing maybe our first child headed to school as a sophomore! Can't believe it! Kinda excited for it! Praying God will continue to work through all the details! I'm not sad, because he is ready. The time has come and he is ready to lead, go, be, do, and make impact! For now it is still in God's hands to finish out the plans of whether a private school is meant for him or not. It is up to us to have our hearts ready for the final decision because we are still unclear as to how this will happen. Waiting on God is NEVER easy because our expectations just might get in the way.

I am quite sure we will be plenty busy while all this takes place! We have about a gazillion loads of laundry to accomplish, an entire house to be cleaned from top to bottom, rooms to be adjusted and fixed as we are juggling one in and one out, mission trips, and youth events, school to plan, school to finish (yes, I said finish....we haven't completely finished everything:/) We have chopped up dead tree in our front yard that isn't sufficient to be hauled off (more chopping is recommended), leaves to rake, garages to clean! Leaking showers to find solutions too, cars to be fixed, and jobs to find. There are clothes to buy for our ever growing children which means shoes are next! This doesn't even account for another home school year to plan, a toddler to potty train, or the things I can't see!

All this to be done with a mom with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) that has to find some rest...HA!

I'm guessing summer isn't much like a vacation anymore:/ I can mourn what I don't have (vacations) or I can rejoice in what I do have (8 fabulous children)! I choose rejoicing in my exhaustion!

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