Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Gentle Kiss

God gave me children to learn more about Him! I'm pretty sure a day has not gone by that in some way He hasn't taught me something through my children. People sometimes think we are crazy for having 8 kids. All I can was God's plan. A friend of mine and I like to say we had more to learn so it took us 8 kids to be taught!

This morning is no different. It has never failed over the years that whoever the little one is at the time, will injure themselves, come running into the kitchen (because I live there most days), and with tears in their eyes want a gentle kiss from mom to fix the pain.

Last night an injured toe and today an injured thumb. I love how EVERY time this heals the hurt!

As he walked away with the tears gone and shouting "Thanks MOM", I couldn't help but giggle and know He understands my love a little more.

Is this not true of our Heavenly Father also?

When I am hurt, I run to the Father, and in some way He always gives me a gentle kiss. My pain decreases significantly when I run to him verses sitting in my pain. I can't think of one instance in which I ran to the Father that I didn't receive comfort.

Are you in pain today? I beg you to run to the Father and watch how He will bend down and give you a gentle kiss in some way.

Thank you Lord for my children that I can learn more about you.
Thank you Lord for your gentle kisses that allow me to see more of the love you have for me.
I am quite positive I have barely reached in the bucket of love you have for me, because I know my children cannot fathom my love for them!


  1. Thank you so much! I really needed to read this today. Your insight is so right on.

  2. Thankful for your insights and HIS gentle kisses!