Monday, June 6, 2011

Family Night and T.V. Tackle

Finally, life slows down a little and we got a little family time last night! After a full day of cleaning (which my kids hate!) solution...pick up what you get out and I won't make you clean it up AGAIN! They have become slobs lately...but we are working on that!

A day of moving a daughter in (which my kids are all fighting for their own rooms) they not know they are in a family of 10! Letting them each have a voice so they are heard but then dad and I making the final decision. The sweet days of knowing whose room is whose is OVER! They better learn to flex because when it is their turn to leave and come home I am sure they will want their siblings making room for them too.

So it was nice to have a family moment after dinner and watch a movie. My heart is full when my living room is complete with almost all my children here! YES, we are missing our senior, MalPal! It was fun having our college girl back though.

A scramble for the couch and popcorn being popped. WE chose a football movie, "Hometown Legend". Everyone has their seats and the toddler has grabbed the empty laundry basket. Sat it in the middle of the room, flipped it upside down, and you have instant front row seating! It didn't take him long to get involved into the show! (He reminds me of his oldest brother at that age!)

It was in moments and he was fully engaged into the show. Standing on top of the laundry basket he is shouting, making football motions, and then dive and roll to the ground. He WAS one of the players by now!

Getting into the action even more....(notice him on his toes...body is ready to perform!)

Jump, drop, roll.....

I can say we all fully enjoyed him getting into the movie!

Of course then he made his big move. He was so into the show that he jumped down ran to block and completely held the bigscreens position. YES....he ran and tackled the players on the bigscreen...shoving the flatscreen back. REALIZING...that might not have been the best play, he began shouting...."sorry daddy, sorry daddy"!

We first all gasped! Then we all tried to hide our laughter for fear he would go at it again.

Dad lets him know to never tackle the T.V. again, "yes, sir daddy"!

Another moment to cherish as a family! All of us in full agreement that the toddler is hilarious!

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