Friday, July 1, 2011

Parenting Duty Calls

I was reminded yesterday how hard it can be to parent teens. After several weeks of running from this camp to that camp you end up with the tired and the weary. As a parent, you know issues are about to pop up from every direction. And even though you are tired and weary too they must be addressed.

It seems like so many have given up on parenting. Conversation after conversation you hear them say "I don't know what to do", "they'll grow out of this one day", "I just let them go...maybe one day they will figure it out".

These are heartbreaking to me. There is a reason God gave us parents. Pretty sure that means we are needed for the job. Kids will be kids AND they must be taught. Teens will be teens AND they must be trained. Who will teach them if we pass our God given duty up?

I don't fault parents for not knowing what to do. I only get sick when I see them NOT try! Heaven knows there have been plenty of moments we have been at a loss at what's the best move, but we use that to help us search harder. My kids need me serving MY post! The world needs parents staying on duty!

Parents we have a job to do whether we are tired or not. We have a job to do whether we know what to do or not. What would have happened with the Nuclear mess in Japan at Fukushima had the workers just said, "I don't know what to do, someone else will figure it out". What are the chances the untrained person would have one ounce of an idea what to do?

Same with our children/teens...we need to stop leaving them to figure it out and start giving some direction. YES, they will fight back, more problems are likely to arise, but the result....WILL be worth the battle!

Don't know what to do? Start will find!

Encouragement from one mom in the trenches....STAY in the battle....there is a world that wants to destroy our children. YOU are their first defense!

I've got some toilets to clean and some children to train! See you in the trenches!

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