Monday, May 23, 2011

18 Years Pass in a Flash

Here we go again!

Another graduate to remind us how fast time goes! We are filled with excitement at what the future holds.

As a home schooler our kids don't lack for friendships! And they most definitely don't lack for activity! They still get an education. We still provide them with a diploma on graduation. But our favorite thing we give is a yearbook!

This yearbook won't be filled with hundreds of classmates they may or may not know. THIS yearbook will be filled with memory after memory of friends, family, and activities they experienced over the years.

It won't be a book where they may make it on 3-5 pages. This will be a book where they are quite possibly on EVERY page!

I love how technology can give me a way to give my graduate a memory for a lifetime. I love that I can put a book together and in 3 days it is delivered to my door! I love that they will have a yearbook that the entire family LOVES!

Hope you enjoy Mallory's Yearbook like we do! Thank You Shutterfly!

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