Monday, April 25, 2011

Tornadoes and Little Boys

From Tornadoes to Church revivals we have been quite busy!

I always struggle to get the boys to clean their closet. But lately all we have to say is tornado is coming and they are on it! You have never seen a more spotless closet, ready to hold a family of 10 and whoever else is in the vicinity that needs a shelter.

After about a dozen storms in a little over a week they are becoming so accustomed to it, they no longer see the need to prepare.

Scolding the 2nd grader from not doing what I asked, I send him to my room. First you need to know we live in a multilevel home, 4 different levels with the master room on the top level and their closet is the bottom level. As I send him to my room I hear him say, "guess you want me to be sucked out!"

After cracking up, quietly, I then contemplate the emotional trauma he might experience so I let him know the storm was still 2 hours away.

Life will never be dull with boys and tornadoes!

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