Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Quench the Spirit

There is just no way to understand what it is like to see God's presence than to experience it. You just know within a few minutes of walking into our church these days that He is moving.

Life is a rush, school has to be done, work to be completed, and the chore of getting several people out the step into church and in a matter of minutes all the grumbling, commotion, hassle of life has ceased. You are immediately drawn into His spirit moving. Whether it is for yourself or praying for another. Time almost is non-existent these days in church.

How many Sundays would you go for 3 hours services and not think, "is he gonna quit I am hungry!"

There is no thought of hunger! No thinking of time at all. It just seems the next thing we know we have been there 3 hours. It is unreal.

The theme has been "Don't quench the Spirit" I believe has become our mission statement. That statement causes immediate response. Obedience really isn't obedience unless it is immediate. The Spirit can't freely move if you refuse to budge. If I deny He is talking to me, who else do I cause to stumble.

What we see is our immediate response moves, motivates, encourages, and gives power to the next person to obey! One action becomes an endless flow of motion like a stream of water that is not bound up.

When did our churches become so scheduled? God doesn't move on a time schedule! We realize in a service that we need to seek forgiveness from someone and we think it in our head. The service ends we grab the kids and there is lunch to prepare, naps to be given, and then chores to complete. That thought of seeking forgiveness is GONE! The Summit Church is learning if God says seek forgiveness then you get up out of your chair and MOVE! No waiting until that person is done talking. No waiting for end of the service. No waiting to consider whether now is good. God calls....YOU MOVE!

The amazing part is the commotion of everyone doing what God says has continued to move in an orderly way, it has not been a distraction, and it has opened the flood gates of redemption! It is peaceful and powerful all at one time.

If you haven't followed what has happened at our church, then take a peak! Be encouraged! God is here! He wants to move mightily! But we may have been the road block to that power. Next time you are in church and God says, Do THIS, Do IT! He might be using you to open the flood gates to His Spirit!

Check out the latest movement of God at the Summit Church.


  1. SO TRUE! SO TRUE! The most amazing thing to me STILL (after 3 1/2 weeks) is that TIME REALLY DOES SEEM TO STAND STILL as we are corporately in the presence of Our Heavenly Father!

  2. I am so sad that we have missed this whole week!! We've been struck w/ sickness and Carter and Parker are still sick. I'm waiting for Maddie to get it! Hopefully we can be back next week, I hate missing out on all God is doing!