Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Youth Ministry and Some Wisdom

Barry and I feel very blessed to have our children in the church God has us in, here in Little Rock. We were blessed years ago growing up being surrounded by others who sought God with their whole heart. A church that provided wonderful leadership, who challenged us in our walk, and who loved us along the path.

Our prayer has always been that there would be other adults who could and would feed into our children's lives too. And God has answered it.

You never know how wisdom will come. And you can't judge it by some one's age. Our youth pastor may be a young father of one but he is already showing wonderful judgement, a heart that seeks God in every situation, and willing to tackle the tough subjects. He has opened the door for our parents to tackle some tough and hard topics with our teens. He not only is serving our youth well, but he is coming along side the parents.

Take a glimpse at his blog and be challenged with "What is God asking you to do?" Are we busy being busy? Are we moving at the pace the Lord desires? "What Matters Most?"

Yep, Blake Hudspeth is our youth pastor and we are very blessed!

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