Friday, January 28, 2011

Toddler = 3 Rolled Into 1

I can't decide whether I am just getting old at managing these toddlers or whether I just forget how busy and tiresome they can be.

This child can make me laugh, giggle, and grin. But some days I growl, sigh, and collapse!

There isn't a moment you get to let up on training a toddler. Because if I bend once, he believes he has free run! This doesn't allow much of a conversation at church or a leisurely stroll in the store. You have to be ON your game the entire time!

Thank goodness for car seats to HOLD them down.

God seems to always give me moments that make my heart melt. One of those times will always be the end of the day when he says, "I sit by you!" He grabs a book and crosses those little toes. Trying to impress us with his knowledge of the alphabet, he doesn't realize he already has our admiration!

I will always be thankful for God in giving us the quiet moments. Whether it is toddler or teen you need the quiet moments to appreciate the uniqueness of each child. I guess we have to be slow enough to see and quiet enough to hear, it is a privilege to raise children!

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