Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Ice Cream, WANT SOME?

Besides looking at the beauty, building a few snowmen, and sledding down a hill or two, YOU must get the opportunity to taste SNOW Ice Cream!

Nothing says you have had a great snow storm like getting snow ice cream 2 days in a row!

And we are well on our way for day 3!

Want to know the secret for some of the best snow ice cream EVER?

First, you need this......

Next, you gotta get a few bowls of that....
18-20 cups of snow, a can of Eagle Bran, and a 1 tsp of vanilla!

Gather a crowd and begin the mixing....

AND....H-e-l-l-o Ice Cream!

The history!
One bite and your family will have an instant memory for a LIFETIME!

Ask anyone, and I bet they can tell you where they were when they took their first bite of Snow Ice Cream!


OH! To really finish off the experience...grab the wii and have the family bust a few moves with Just Dance! THIS family has taken full advantage of their winter storm! Have YOU?

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