Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow Days Over, Someone Tell My Kids

Okay, enough of the free-for-all!

My children are still in snow day mode. Believing they can play like there is no tomorrow, responsibilities are a way of the past, clothes can be dropped by the door, and shoes can be left anywhere you please!

Tomorrow is here and it is time for SCHOOL!
Responsibilities are BACK ON!
Clothes are no longer wet, therefore PUT THEM UP!
Shoes, WELL, that WILL BE our ongoing battle!

The weather going from 11 degrees to 70 has given the false impression that summer is around the corner. Yes, I am fighting it too which means I need their help to stay focused. Since they aren't giving me much help in this area I shall remain the bad mom!

Making them get an education, forcing them to take care of their responsibilities, and begging them to do what I say the first time!

I'm trying to show a little grace but pretty sure I am being taking advantage of today. So, mean-ole-mom is coming out. I'm giggling as I just ask for normal things to be done. They are growling as they feel they have been wronged.

Please Lord, help me keep the giggle for another 7 hours!

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