Monday, February 14, 2011

Is Love Worth Waiting For?

YES! YES! and YES!

We are surrounded by a world telling us that we must have someone by our side to really feel loved. But I know there are those out there with someone by their side but they are far from feeling loved.

We grow up with dreams of loving someone and them loving us back. But we are often too quick to jump the gun and call something love before it has developed. We are fooled into thinking we have found it and then disappointed when it seems to be gone.

We believe love should happen now. What happened to waiting on the right one? Must we jump at the first thing that comes by every time? The most wonderful things that happened in my life were definitely worth the wait.

Waiting isn't easy in a world that likes to satisfy itself at the moment it wants it. But I am telling you as a woman who has been happily married for over 20 years that you won't regret moving slow to love. Yes, at 23 I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find the right guy for me. We are forgetting that God has a plan and that I am often not made aware of His plan early. And yet, by 24 I was married and now we have welcomed 8 children into our lives.

I promise to have the love of a man, to know without a doubt you are the only one for him, and to realize you have a friendship that makes your love for him grow all the more each year, is a priceless thing to wait on. I would rather wait for the perfect man, avoiding the heartaches so many feel, and to know that God has His best in mind I just had to wait for the timing to work together.

I heard a comment on the radio that fits my love for my husband. A lady said....continue running the race God has set you on until one day you look over and see someone running the same pace and race you are! Then, marry your life long running partner!

I have married my running partner! And we have been in perfect step with one another from day one. Some days are hard and he sets my pace again and other days are hard for him and I set his pace. Together, we will finish strong!

Wait for love! You won't regret finding your running partner in God's timing! But if you jump ahead of His plan you may find there are more stumbles you complete than races you finish!

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