Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 Minutes and Counting

First 10 minutes shopping with the toddler is priceless.

The next 10 minutes will work but no longer can I focus on shopping I have to train and shop.

The following 10 minutes there is no longer any shopping being accomplished, although I would say my stress is on the rise.

The next 10 minutes you are left with seeing how fast you can get out of the store without being brought to tears by the active one!

The final 10 minutes, toddler cries and mom is relieved to be inside her car with him buckled tight!  Now I am happy and he is sad.  

Life will be better soon because the teens will babysit! Toddler can run and play while I go back to finish my original goal!  

How's shopping with your toddler?

To think I used to do this with an infant, toddler, plus 4 more!  Aging has it's benefits!!!

1 comment:

  1. Priceless observation! YOU, Shelley, and Mary Beth are GREAT MOMS! So thankful for the influence Jim and Mary Beth had in your lives!