Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unplugging Sounds Heavenly

Just read an article on MSN that totally caught my eye! Pretty sure I'm gonna be praying about this and talking to Barry about how we can implement unplugging from time to time. I had the idea before but forgot about it!

Yes, my mind has some glitches in it and I forget great ideas ALL the time!

I had considered this before having 1-2 days a week of unplugging. I know my kids are totally plugged in too much! I know when we have asked them to unplug before they have meltdowns but usually thank us later.

Take a moment to read this article about unplugging for 6 months.

I don't have a plan for unplugging 6 months, but I would love having an unplug day or two each week! Our kids are losing their creativity, losing talents they don't know they have, losing interest in things they haven't discovered yet, and are losing sibling/friend relationships because we are always somewhere else in our conversations.

It's time to live and enjoy the moment with one another!
It's time to control technology instead of it controlling us!
It's time to see where God leads verses where our screens lets us escape too!
It's time to UNPLUG from time to time!

1 comment:

  1. I think this issue is harder if your kids are home all day. Mine rarely get computer (except for homework) time or TV time during the week because they are only home for a little while each day.
    I am the one who probably needs this. HA! Just don't mention it to the Coach. :-)