Thursday, January 13, 2011

Teenagers Walking with God

I'm sad I can be so slow to point my kids back to Christ! It has been proven over and over again in our house that when I will direct their attention back to the Lord, their hearts change.

Maybe it is just too simple for my mind to accept.
Maybe it is because I feel "I" have to do something.
Maybe it is my lack of faith in what God can do.

Do we know, really know, that God can make a difference in the lives of our teens?

When I remember that these teenagers are really His, it takes the pressure off! I am reminded I am walking with them through life. I can teach and train but God will ultimately change hearts. There is nothing "I" can do to change their heart! (I think I like to think I can at times.)

Why would I want the pressure of that responsibility for their soul?
That is insane!

When we can accept that we can't control them, we actually gain more freedom in our parenting! (That doesn't mean we don't have responsibility as a parent!) It just means we have no power to change their hearts. That is a God-thing!

This just shows the importance of praying for our children! They don't have to do what I say but they will be blessed if they do what God says! We need to pray their hearts are open to hear and we are wise to speak 'with grace' into their lives. I am finding my kids are far more accepting of correction from the Lord than they are from MOM! If I give my teen room, God always speaks! Too many times I drown out His promptings and turn them back to me. If I am really wise, I will keep them looking up, up to their Savior!

There is a world out there ready to devour them. But there is also a Savior out here ready to REDEEM them!

We need to remember that by teenage age they are responsible for their actions. IF Christ came back or if they died today, they would be held accountable for THEIR faith. Not your faith. Not the churches faith. But THEIR faith!

Am I letting them own their faith? Am I allowing consequences to help guide them? Am I giving God room to teach and train or am I taking on ALL the responsibility?

One of the biggest gifts I can give my teens is to walk WITH them as a sister in Christ! That means talking, laughing, sharing in the hard times, and letting them into my world as I mess up.

Do they see me repent before my Lord? Or do they see me defend myself?
Do they see me watch my tongue?
Do they see me guard my heart?
Do they see my desire to follow Christ with my whole heart?

Let's let go and let God!
But lets also get involved and allow God to use us, not us use God for our agenda!

Have you chatted with your teen lately? And did you point them to Christ in the process?

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