Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Years Resolution

Am I too late for a New Years Resolution?

Can I make one for the entire family?

Been a little busy to have thought about this sooner. But I think I have found my resolution for the family!

Want to know what it is?

Okay, I'll spill!

My Resolution for the entire family is to put back what you get out and to replace it better than you found it.

We are so blessed and yet we are so careless with our things and others. To live where we do, to have all the things we have, and to enjoy the freedom we have been given, we have surely taken it for granted!

This mom is on pace to set a new standard in our home. I'm thinking we are so off track it may take us a year! Lord willing we will learn this fast and have an entire year to practice!

Today begins operation - 'put it back in its spot!'

As I tell the kids I am not looking for a perfect home, we just need to have order to our chaos. Our God is a God of order and we need to exhibit that in all we do. A FREE FOR ALL isn't working!

Hoping today is the beginning of putting order back to our individual messes! Hoping with order comes right heart attitudes and grace in the process!

What was your New Years Resolution?

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