Monday, January 10, 2011

SNOW 2011...Memory Making Moments!

I'm thankful for God's play days! Days you didn't have planned but God drops them in your lap anyways! Two days ago I was dreading getting things together for possibly being snowed in, but today I am loving every minute of it!

The Girls minus College Student...we miss her but having fun anyways!

Brady checking things out! I think he is loving all the commotion!

Gotta love being the youngest of 8! You get all the leftover clothing! Purple gloves, yellow boots, red coat, over a brown coat! As long as you are warm, who cares what you look like!

You can't have snow, teenage boys, and friends over and NOT have a snowball fight!

The little guys watching all the fun!

Lots and lots of laughter!!!!

Snowboarding and sledding are the best at our house! One massive hill, lots of friends, and you have instant memories!

Can't have a little snow and not build a snowmen or two!

Need a little snow snack eventually!

Instead of Got Milk?
Got Snow?

I think my favorite thing will be God's ability to give us moments to create memories! Having a large family I get the unexpected blessing of watching my older children teach and play with the younger ones! There really is no sweeter sight than watching them share and little ones discover the world around them!
Brady getting a little surprise snowfall from his big sister!

Life is precious!
Life is sweet!
My life is BLESSED!
Hope you are enjoying your family moments too!

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