Friday, January 7, 2011

Recovery, Not Always Fun

I forget how bad recovery can be when your kids have been sick and they begin feeling better. We are coming off of more than a week of someone being sick! 7 out of 8 came to the illness. (Actually all of us did but the college student wasn't around so she doesn't count.) As far as sickness goes it wasn't that bad. Just enough to keep us all home and make the majority miserable. Which means mom and dad get their fill in the process. Now that we are coming down with it ourselves there is nobody to let us just crash. (I'm having to prepare school and grocery shop for possible upcoming snow! It better snow! And my wonderful husband who has it much worse than I did is replacing a starter in college girls car!) It can be quite unfair at times once you hit the real world and are an adult!

Not sure how it is for your family but I can't decide what is worse, being sick or the recovery process.

Being sick means the kids are miserable but typically they are quiet. Well, as long as they aren't vomiting! THAT is definitely the WORSE!

Recovering means they are mobile again and they are anything BUT quiet! They can't seem to decide if they are hungry or not. But they definitely seem to go through a HUGE moment of irritability with everything including their siblings! You can tell they are in conflict with wanting to play but not knowing how to get active again.

As a parent you get to a moment of just wanting to ignore it. But eventually the whining and complaining puts you into action!

It seems to me they go through withdrawals from being catered too. They no longer get an endless supply of liquids, movies, and moms attention. Yet they seem to continue to demand it!

It can be a slow agonizing process to go from sick to well! All along you are ready to pull your hair out! And as luck would have it you probably finally catch what they had which means you get to deal with irritable kids while you don't feel at your best! THAT is NOT a good combination!

So in conclusion it is a blessing kids are not still sick, but it can be a curse as they recover! I am very thankful we are not sick very often!!!!

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