Friday, January 7, 2011

A Little of This and A Lot of That

I keep tackling this thing and that. I think I am making progress but then I look around and feel I haven't even begun! That is slightly overwhelming looking at this and looking at that!

How will I ever be ready for school next week?

The problem when I look with my eyes is my mouth begins to run uncontrolled. Freaking out about this, grumbling about that, and blaming this child then that one. My eyes can't seem to process much information without losing control of myself.

I am quite sure the real problem is my eyes on the problem verses my eyes on the Lord. There is no denying I have a lot on my plate. But doesn't matter whether I have one thing or a gazillion, it doesn't give me the freedom to lash out at my family while I figure out how to get it all done.

What good is it to fix my list if I destroy my family in the process?

I could say I am doing better than the other years. Great! But whether I fall apart once or 10 times doesn't really matter. In God's eyes, one time is too many.

I am still sludging through life getting back to reality. I have 3 more days to get 6 kids ready for school. (That is a lot if it was the only thing I had to do!!!!) These are the days I wish they were in school. Of course that thought alone stirs up more thinking. We have a 9th grade son who would like to go to school and play some football. Chances are he would be GREAT! Haven't seen him have an issue with a ball yet! One more thing to pray about. The good thing about not having a lot of finances is you typically know when God answers. It's either there or it isn't!

Failing this evening with a small 'freak out' moment. I hope to keep my eyes on the Lord and keep the 'freak out' sessions to a minimal!

Tomorrow is a new day and a hair cut! Pretty sure that is gonna help me. I know, I's a woman thing but hair cuts DO help!

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