Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Hearts our Bound Together

I sit here praying for a family I don't even know. Through a series of events my life has been touched. We forget in the hassle of jumping back into routine, some would give their life to be faced with the hassle we so dread!

Over the holidays I received a Facebook message from a friend. She had a friend who had a friend that had a daughter fighting cancer. The doctors were giving her 2 days off from chemo and they were looking for a home to celebrate Christmas as a family. Wanting to decorate a tree and have a family meal together and living 3 hours away prevented them from being in their own home.

Long story short, God orchestrated details that have bound our hearts together. Five strangers using today's technology to work out a few tiny details to make life sweet for a struggling family. In less than 3 days we had a home for them. Across the street from the hospital in which she was receiving care. Isn't that AMAZING! We were all so over joyed at how God worked out these details from women in different states to offer our resources for a family we don't even know.

I believe hearts were blessed as we saw everything fall into place so easily. As time got closer it became evident this precious 14 year old was taking a turn for the worse. How does a mom face watching her little girl go from a normal 14 year old life just 3 months earlier to fighting for her life over the holidays?

A home for Christmas was not possible for them as she began to turn for the worse. Prayers from perfect strangers have been covering their lives ever since! We got an email yesterday that the family has been called in as she will meet her Savior soon. They are transferring her back to a hospital near her home so that family can surround her. Pray she will remain with them for the 3 hour process so that they all will get to be together one more time.

My heart aches and my eyes flow with tears for a family I do not know. I pray this precious teenager experiences perfect peace in the coming hours. I pray her family will find unimaginable comfort as they are with her. I pray they see a BIG God even when they don't understand why things happen. I pray lives will be changed by a Savior who died and rose again for their salvation! And I can only picture how beautiful this daughter will be...dancing with her Lord soon! Her pain will be gone, her body will be whole, and she will spend eternity with perfect Love. Her family will be left to pick up the pieces and makes sense with what our human minds cannot comprehend.

Would you pray with me for this family? Lets cover them in prayer tonight!!!

As you go about putting life back to normal from the holidays and the hassle of keeping everyone on pace can bring frustrations. Remember there are others that would gladly trade places with you. We forget our blessings that are before us. This teenagers life has touched mine even though our lives have never physically crossed. God has used technology and bonded perfect strangers. He has brought me to my knees for a family I do not know!

He can do that because HE knows us! Jesus is our common ground. He is our Savior, Lord and Redeemer. He will be welcoming home a child of His very soon. Heaven will be rejoicing as they watch a Father and daughter dance! Will He be dancing with you one day?

Update: She began dancing with Jesus 1-6-2011 at 11:40 p.m.


  1. Thank you Shannon for sharing this need for prayer. I cannot put what I am feeling into words, but I can pray. Big Hug to you.

  2. Agreeing with you in prayer and thanking Our Heavenly Father for Kathy H.'s willingness to open her home to this family and for you and Cara so graciously working to "knit hearts together in HIS LOVE." Continuing in attitude of prayer for this precious teen and her mom.