Friday, January 14, 2011

Do You See What I See?

As in Despicable Me..."whhaaat?"

How is it that we can live in a house and my family can't tell the difference between a clean house and a messy one?

I'm on a mission to figure out what they call clean!

I'm positive I am a broken record, "Make sure the house is picked up before bed." After last night I am beginning to think they aren't doing what I ask because they don't see what I see!

Yesterday was full of school for 5 kids, hair cuts for 5 boys, daughter to homeschool academy, one to work, dad over to visit, several loads of laundry, a couple of meals, and 2 different meetings for me and a quick run to the store before I get home. Crazy me, thought I would walk in at 10:00 and everything would be picked up after such a long day! WHAT was I thinking!

I have to admit I set myself up for disappointment! I walked in and literally had to breath in and out deeply to not throw a fit. I think I walked the house 3 times just shaking my head in disbelief! Not a soul in sight but just about every other thing was laying around!

Furniture has been moved around, several articles of clothing thrown about in EVERY room in the house, food left out, kitchen destroyed, cups sitting in every room (NOT supposed to leave the kitchen), school books out, xbox cords strung across the room, laundry falling out of the dryer, trash on the floor, blankets on the couch and in the hall, shoes here and there, and NOT a clean room to be seen ANYWHERE! I was standing there replaying how the house was before I left and what I asked my precious family to do.

I'm thinking to just put your stuff back is NOT a big deal (It is our New Years Resolution, that I MADE for our family...*snicker*!). I wasn't looking for deep cleaning, massive sorting the piles, or spend hours scrubbing. A simple "just pick your stuff up" before bed.

My husband comes out from laying down the little boys (YES, I am incredibly thrilled he got them to bed!!!) but he could tell I was feeling a little overwhelmed. As I say, "the house is a mess!" As my daughter and husband begin to look around, I could see their faces saying...what are you talking about?

So I tell them everything I see and then I ask them,

"Do you NOT see what I see?"

Their response...NO.


Now the conflict:
  • I am sad they can't see what I see.
  • Or maybe I should be glad they don't see what I see because they think our house is clean.
  • SO if I could be just as blinded as they are, all would be well with my soul!

Until that moment:

I THINK I will have to find comfort that I am not the only mom with a family that cannot see what I see!


  1. Livin' where you're livin', friend. On a smaller scale, no doubt. . . but with the same cycle of frustration.

    We keep telling our kids we would enjoy so much more FUN family time if half of it wasn't spent picking up every 12 hours!

    Let me know when you find the solution. Until then, let's both commit to breathe in and out when we walk in and feel disappointment creeping in.


  2. WHAAAT? We say that ALL the time around here. Even our 23 month old who can still barely string a few words together says WHAAAAT? Love that little minion. Too funny. The mess? Not so funny. Boy have I felt that way A LOT! People ask me how I keep a clean house. My answer? I am ALWAYS working at it. Constantly putting things in my laundry basket to take, toys, clothes. Always putting things in my laundry basket to take UPstairs...clothes, toys, etc. Always picking up trash, alway putting things in the fridge...always wiping something. SOme days I manage well...others I feel the pressure in my heart and I want to cry. It never ends. I don't think a little help is too much to ask. I really don't. SO we keep training. Keep loving. :)No friend, you are NOT alone!

  3. Breathe in ....breathe out! It's largely a part of their developing BRAINS ...the amgydala! You moms are doing a great job choosing to REMEMBER the GOAL! Breathe in ....breathe out! The labor continues :) as you seek to deliver fully functioning, joyful Christ-centered young adults to a lost and hurting world. YOU ARE DOING GREAT!