Saturday, December 4, 2010

Parenting Journey

Moms of little ones, hang in there. Your days are long and non-ending. Your weekends are non-existent. Your evenings are a flash. These days will pass...eventually! Rock, sing, and read to your little ones. This will pass far quicker than you think!

Moms of middles ones, enjoy the good days. A little rest in the midst of major child training. These middle kids are self sufficient and they enjoy time with you. Play, learn, watch and see who they are becoming. They are mini people on the rise to do great things. Look for their uniqueness in how God created them and enjoy helping guide them through maturity.

Moms of teens, better days are coming. No more days of physical exhaustion bring on the mental fatigue and emotional meltdowns. These years will keep you in constant conversations with God wondering if you screwed up, why so many emotions and frustrations for you and your teen. The days can flip on a dime from sweetness to sheer aggravation. There is a fight for independence that is a necessary part of growing up for them and letting go for us. This is basically like labor before delivering an infant.

Teens are unique adults who we are guiding, letting go, and figuring out how to manage. Keep pointing them to Christ. There is no way to stay ahead of their thinking and processing. You think you have them figured out and then like a switch them and you are off track again. Our constant is Christ! He is our plum line in which we gage where we are all at in any given moment. We need to put our emotions and expectations in God's care and let our responses be Christ driven. One day at a time is a must. Forgiveness for them and forgiveness for us is top priority. Ultimately they love us and we adore them. We just all let STUFF get in the way. This too will pass.

Pointing your kids to Christ will be a JOY as a parent to watch as they move into adulthood. Sweet times are coming as your kids become your friends. As you pray, love and encourage one another as brothers and sisters in Christ watch to see how God brings unity to your family.

We got another glimpse of this last night and I can't wait for more of it. To have my older kids home with sweet conversation, laughter, and enjoying as we all cook and clean without mom telling them what they have to do. Where they just jump in and know what needs to be accomplished. Where they offer to serve us verses us always serving them. Where we play games and they are now more strategic than me. To hear their perspective on life and the things they learn, they are now teaching me things. Life is sweet! And I am enjoying this stage of life.

It IS worth the endless days of parenting. The countless messes we clean. The unending sacrifice we give through these years.

Sweetness is coming! Enjoy today with your little ones! Because one day they won't be under your feet they will be walking with you side by side!

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  1. AMEN! GREAT REMINDER to Moms of ALL AGES! It's a blessing beyond description to be allowed to walk side by side with you, Bear, Shelley & Dave. And .....the older teens! LOVE YOU ALL!