Friday, December 3, 2010

Girls vs Boys

Okay, I have a question and an observation!

Who is harder to raise?
or Boys?

I believe it depends on where you are to answer this question!

If you are at home then I believe girls are harder than boys because of their unique design of EMOTIONS. Basically I am saying they create drama!

If you are out and about then I believe boys are harder than girls because of their unique design of ACTIVITY. Basically they don't sit still!

I am discovering with my 3 little men that I had an easier time with my first 2 boys than this go around. My theory is because I had 2 girls first, the boys were out numbered when we left the house. They were expected to walk with me, not touch, don't flip, definitely not run, and never hit! The girls enjoyed the social outing and we all knew there was a certain way in which we DO this thing.

This time around these little boys are completely baffled to why I am frustrated. When we go out they decide to dart down the isle, jump through another door, drop kick their brother, or burp 2-20 times! Then as I scold one and they look at me with concern through those big blue eyes I think I have gotten their attention. But it just takes one glance at a brother to send the entire crew into a snickering fit!

That just sends me over the edge more and apparently turns the snickering fit into a laughing feast!

Oh my goodness! Boys are exhausting when there are more than one. Multiply that by 3 and mom is going down hill fast. Especially if you are not out in a field for them to dart, dash, flip and play. Hats off to you moms with more than one boy and you know who you are!!!!

You go insane to keep them at home but it can be worse to go out in public!

You could say, well you just are disciplining them. NO that is NOT it! I am ON in and day out. They just can go longer, farther, and faster than me!

So, if you see me out and about with a smile and you think she has it all together with her perfect boys. *ha* Just sit still for a minute and watch. Because I am sure within about 5 minutes you may discover there is more going on than you noticed at first glance!

A tribute to moms of boys everywhere! I feel your pain!
Now go tackle your son!

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