Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Day for a Meltdown

Oh My Word! A great morning took a downward spiral in all of 10 minutes! Nothing like realizing your iPhone may have dropped out of your pocket, you don't have insurance for it, AND I quite possibly may have every bit of vital information in that thing!

Even the teens knew this was a BIG deal!

I run back out the door to the last place I had the phone, Kroger! It's all of 5 minutes from my house so there is hope I can find it. I pull up and there is no sign of an iPhone in the parking lot. Find the cashier who checked me out and nothing in his line. Check in with customer service and nothing.

Refusing to completely panic yet. I drive home and pray and pray and pray! Then I start getting angry. (How can I drive up and in one week 2 different people leave their bank card in the ATM machine, account still open, ready to be accessed. I stop what I am doing and run their cards into the bank. I lose one iPhone and NOBODY returns it.)

As the Lord calms me back down from a little fit throwing in my head. I walk inside and make the call to my husband.

What a gracious man he is to me. He could have been so frustrated and yet he was more worried about me than the money and the major impact of vital information in the wrong hands. He calmly had me begin changing passwords as he talked with AT&T.

I don't think he will every understand what his gentleness conveys to me! He has been a consistent encourager of gentleness all the years I have known him. No matter the time of comfortableness around each other, he continues to be as gentle with me now as he was when we dated! THAT is what I call amazing love!

I begin to panic about the money and all the information on my phone and he quickly says not to worry about that for the moment to keep on task changing passwords. (He has never been a fan of all the information I keep in my phone. But I keep insisting with 8 kids, 6 bank accounts between us and teens, and all the passwords for taking care of a household...I need it at a moments notice.) Understanding his concern now...he didn't say I told you so, he didn't say it was my problem, he didn't fuss and complain. He just kept me calm and kept me on task.

Realizing I am late to pick up my daughter, I run out the door as my teen sons says he thinks I should run by Kroger one more time. Thinking it is useless I do it anyways.

I walk inside and see a lady with a phone that looks like mine. (Of course all iPhone Otterboxes make all iPhones look alike!) Until I saw the picture of my 3 little boys on the front! You begin to feel violated realizing they have all my kids pictures. I tap her on the shoulder, she turns around and says..."I was just trying to call you!" Sure enough she found HOME on my phone and was trying to reach us!

Next, she begins to tell me how a lady had the phone in her cart and they questioned her about the phone. They asked her what her number was and she said she couldn't remember. They kept pushing about the phone and the lady kept insisting it was hers. The clerk then told her, "You know they have tracking things on those phones and they can find you!" The lady promptly returned the phone!


  • Thankful for a clerk who didn't even know I had lost my phone but noticed the lady didn't look right when the phone was in her basket.
  • Thankful the customer service lady saw what was happening and also pursued to question the lady with the other clerk.
  • Thankful Kroger has hired well and serve their customers to the best of their ability.
  • Thankful the lady who claimed my phone was hers did give it back.
  • Thankful my son told me to run by the store one more time.
  • Thankful for a husband that stays calm and encouraging when his wife does dumb things.
  • Thankful for the kids who put on a mad search when I realized my brain (iPhone) was lost.
  • Thankful all our vital information is still stored safely in my brain (iPhone).
  • Thankful for a beautiful day as I was having a few horrible hours!
  • Thankful tonight we learned a few extra tricks to keep our vital information protected in case I lose my phone again.

Thankful a day for a meltdown has turned into a day of rejoicing!

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