Monday, November 29, 2010

15 Years and Counting!

My kids are growing too fast! Seems like just yesterday my son was smaller than me where I had to care for his every need and help him process every step. Now I look and he is no longer shorter than me, he now cares for me, and he walks boldly in God's steps!

How does this happen in such a blink of an eye?
Such precious memories of years ago.
I love how the good ones come flooding back and the memories of him digging out every toy, making messes beyond my imagination, the non-stop wrestling, jumping, running that can try a moms nerves are not what I remember! That all doesn't sound so bad unless you are living in it. Having a teen son and remembering back then what he was like but living with a very active toddler now...reminds me of the endless energy it takes!
Non-stop action can make a worn out mom long for days when this shall pass!
But memories of years ago can make a worn out mom cherish those long days she had with that child!

What I remember is a sweet little boy with the biggest grin!
(He still has today!)
Always content
(especially if a ball was involved),
always happy
(mostly when he was with his dad),
and always a momma's joy
(constantly flashing those BIG blue eyes at me)!
Hmmm! This makes me think how our Heavenly Father remembers us.
He doesn't remember the fit I threw, my lack of discipline, my wrong motives, my lack of love for others, my selfish desires. He forgives me - every time and forgets my sinful side. He remembers His child whom He loves more than anything else. He remembers His child whom He finds great pleasure in sitting and enjoying every moment. He remembers His child whom He delights in all of His days!

Fall 1997

My prayer for my son will be for him to continue to laugh and not take life too serious! Enjoying the moments that seem so frustrating. Laugh at his mistakes and forgive others who make them too. Love all those around you even when they are wrong! And most of all, walk each and everyday with the knowledge that his parents adore him and we only scratch the surface of how his Heavenly Father LOVES him!

Happy Birthday Brandon! It has been 15 years of wonderful JOY!

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  1. I didn't realize our boys were exactly the same age! How FUN! I'm loving this growing up thing - and wishing I had more memories of those sweet little days - it's such a "blur" in my mind! :-)