Friday, December 17, 2010

God's Little Reminders

What a blessing to be living in 2010. The technology we have can be a blessing to a mom stuck at home with 3-4 little ones. I remember the day of NO adult contact. We didn't get email until around baby #4. I remember our apartment bedroom was so small you sat on the end of the bed to reach the computer on the desk. (There was no room for a chair.) We didn't have blogs or wonderful websites to encourage you. You either braved the circumstances of being one mom with a nursing baby and 3 others under 5 OR you stayed home in your comfort zone. (Realizing you had containment of the situation on your side or at least not an audience when things started falling apart!) You would be lonely, but in control.

You had to count the cost of an adventure out with 4 little ones. Did you really have to go to the store? Do I really want to get out that bad to tackle a mall with so many little ones. A 30 minute task could turn into a 2 hour disaster.

I remember the days of longing for a little more interaction. But if you go out to meet a friend, you never seem to get a chance to have a normal conversation without a diaper to be changed, a tantrum to stop, or busy little hands grabbing and knocking things over. Add a nursing baby to the mix and you are multitasking to the extreme. I didn't even have a cell phone at that time to call my husband when the kids overtook my sanity!

I love how a quick conversation from him can encourage me so.

I love how God gives us little reminders of what He truly wants us to do.

I love how the Lord can use others to encourage us. Today I was reading another blog and was reminded what God really wants from us.

Check out Jenny's blog post "I Have a Lot to Learn"

You will be blessed by this young moms insight and you will surely enjoy her pictures!

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