Thursday, December 16, 2010

Parental Codes for Parents or Kids?

I got so many issues it isn't even funny!

I can change html codes on my blog, but I can't load pictures, sign into Netflix, or even watch a normal t.v. show on our T.V.

I can juggle 10 calendars on my iPhone to keep this crew running from day to day, but I can't figure out how to get into iTunes to do a back up.

I can keep track of 10 social security numbers, 10 birth dates, 4 drivers license, 7 bank accounts but I can't tell you my kids cell phone numbers!

One minute I feel I am on top of our life and the next I feel I am a prisoner to it.

I think I realized this last night when I couldn't sleep! I hate those days. Wide awake and this would be the ONE time my entire family is asleep, even the teens! No one to hang with me, play with me, or chat a little.

Thinking I will just watch a movie on Netflix to help pass some wasted time of nothing, I discover I need a parental code! WHAT?

I had no idea we had that on there.

Good! Glad we are on top of things around here.

That was until I realized I can't figure out what that code is!

It's 2:00a.m. and all I wanna do is watch a show. I can't get the T.V. to T.V. and I can't sign into Netflix. I probably should have tried a DVD but figured I would fail at that too!

I debated on who I would wake up to help me with the code. Then I realized....if we have a parental code on there, I don't know it, yet even my toddler can get the T.V. going, there is a problem. The only person kept from the T.V. is ME!

Deciding it wasn't a good idea to wake anyone up, I opted to try to crack-the-code.

It took me TEN times to figure it out!

Although, when I entered it and it took so long for the thing to process I was sure I just locked us ALL out of NETFLIX! Of course...maybe I should have changed the code so I would get the last laugh!

This morning I begin to share with my daughter how I wanted to watch Netflix last night and found out we have a parental code. She laughed when I told her the issue with that is...I don't know the code! The next thing I hear from down stairs is my 6 year old shout out the CODE! Yes, we got a good laugh. Before I could start breakfast my precious 6 year old brought up a piece of paper with the parental code written down so I won't forget!

Obviously, we need a family meeting so I can be sure I am still the parent around here!

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