Friday, December 17, 2010


Dare I tell you today's small fiasco of embarrassment?

This, may reveal, why there is a parental control on our T.V. to block mom!

I like to think I am just going so many directions, loving on my family, I can't possibly keep my right mind!

Or maybe it's lack of sleep.

Or the loss of brain power from birthing 9 kids.

Yep, I'm going with the first one....loving my family!

Long day, with a quick call from husband at the end of the day. As he drives up to our house he ask where I am. I announce I am at the store but the kids are there. He mentions it doesn't look like it since the van isn't there. I announce it has to be there because I left the kids there to watch the little ones.

He finds the kids at home, my teen son who was with me is looking at me like I am crazy. Next thing I know my husband is explaining to me why the van was gone.


"I was driving the van!"

Oh yes...I am feeling like an idiot! No wonder they have parental codes on our T.V. I'm not safe for travel!

All this while my teen son is shaking his head at Kroger, I kept asking you what van you were talking about because we were IN IT!

I probably should listen to my kids more!

They know pass codes, where I am, and love me in spite of my insanity!

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