Monday, November 15, 2010

Got Sticky Notes

Today I have a few things to accomplish and I can tell you RIGHT now it won't all get done. Let's just say this can cause any mom a moment of panic, stress, or complete frustration. Learning to manage my "home operation" has been an ongoing process over the years.

The kids continue to grow, the list of responsibilities continue to pile up, and the feeling of frustration continues to multiply!

With not much hope of kids freezing in time, that I will acquire a maid, personal assistant, or even a cook, and knowing without some sort of thought process to organize my thoughts the frustrations will continue. God was gracious to provide an answer for my dilemma a few weeks ago and I am loving my new freedom!

I am discovering that I have a list of about 58 things that I need to accomplish today and that seems to be my low average on a weekly basis! That list used to overwhelm me. Well, it still overwhelms me but now it seems doable verses impossible.

Wanna know what I learned?

The first thing I learned through GTD (Getting Things Done) was to write down ONE thought per paper! Gotta get the information OUT of my head so I can process this stuff.

If you wanna know how I juggle a husband, 8 kids, parents, bills, chores, shopping, and other responsibilities, then follow this next step....
  • get some sticky notes
  • get a pen
  • sit down for 5 minutes
  • now...let your brain GO...write down everything that comes to your mind that you have to do! I mean everything!

I love that within 5 minutes I can empty my brain!

I keep sticky notes with me at all times so I can capture my thoughts when they pop in my head, which can be at any given moment! Typically I can capture most of what I need to do at the beginning of the week. My sticky note brainstorm will catch MOST of those thoughts but as life goes, more things come up during our week!

If you stay tuned, I will share what my next action step is SO simple and So freeing!

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  1. I can't wait to hear more about GTD! I already do this in my own way - I can't even sleep at night without my post-its by me. :-) But I'm sure there is more I could learn. Looking forward to it!