Friday, November 12, 2010

Mom On The Go and School Too

Well, it is November and I finally have a school plan, a functioning school plan!

I guess better late than never!

Through praying, seeking, crying, learning, studying, thinking, and reaching we have found a working school plan for a mom on the go! Sometimes we just need something to open our minds up to find the answer we need.

Who knew a little meeting my husband couldn't attend, so I went in his place, would turn into such an eye opener for me. I believe I have mentioned before "Getting Things Done" (GTD) by David Allen. I would say his information is a must for anyone in this day and age. Whether you are single, married, one child or many, we all live in a world that is flying by and we are hanging on for the ride. I like finding a system that puts me in control verses being controlled by STUFF!

I have much to learn about GTD but I can say for what little I have learned it has opened my mind up to how to creatively make life in our home, FUNCTION! Or should I say function within the realm mom can follow through! (Because we all know if you don't inspect what you expect it won't happen!) Kids are fabulous at making us follow through with things. Because if we don't, it WON'T happen!

Not so sure the complete design of his system I have only gotten a glimpse into this new world and I am eager to learn more. I wonder if other moms of many are using GTD methods? But lets face it, a mom of many IS a small corporation. Actually, whether you are a mom to one or a mom to many you are a corporation. One family may be smaller than another but we still have the same tasks to complete. (Bills, laundry, dishes, meal planning, grocery shopping, ironing, sorting, fixing, mending, shuffling kids, cleaning, dusting, mopping, mail sorter, problem solving, school helper or teacher, doctoring, nursing, story teller, snuggler,...oh the list can go on and on!)

You know these days it is hard pressed to stay in one location if you have kids and especially teenagers. When my kids were young we stayed home A LOT or traveled as a family. As your kids get older there just isn't too many ways to stay put unless you keep them from activities and social lives. Then add your time out and the little kids adventures and you have ONE mom on the RUN!

I found my system! Not easy homeschooling 6 kids, chasing a toddler, being a wife focused on her husband, being involved in women's ministry, helping lead a marriage class, and having the pleasure of helping her parents at this stage of life. Oh, and lets not forget the College Student. Although she has moved out she is still dear to my heart so that means investment of my time, thoughts, and prayers.

What did I do?

Implemented a few GTD systems and then changed them up to work for a family and got creative!

I'm gonna blog my tips the next couple of posts. But for now, I got the kids started on raking leaves and I am witnessing a MELTDOWN fast approaching.

So stay tuned! This mom has to go work on one of her many interruptions for the day! (I gotta remember interruptions are ministry! Lets see if I can handle a 5 way fight!)

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