Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 Teens and Counting

I can't believe it is time for another Passport to Purity Weekend.

Realizing that with #5 joining the mix, my time is slightly busier than it was 7 years ago. I can't believe it was that long ago when my college student and senior went out on our weekend away. I took 5 weeks to plan their weekend and I have planned this one in 8 hours!!!!

Thankful my husband agrees in the importance of this time for us to invest in our children, he was willing to stay home with all the kids while I stay the night away to pray, prep, and prepare for a girls weekend out!

I think this time will be more precious than before in some ways.

For one thing, this is my last daughter! YIKES!

Second, I know more of what is coming after raising two other teen daughters and two teen sons. I think I can speak more into her life with confidence that I didn't have with the first one. I understand that although she may fight for independence, complain at the guidelines, and squirm at wanting to push the boundaries, she needs us to help hold the line. This makes me think this is like the infant scenario, you know where your first infant can make you freak out when they cry. We panic thinking WHAT in the world is wrong. But by the 3rd you realize they are okay and can wait just a minute.) I am seeing the teens are just the same. I realize that they will push those boundaries and they may have to fall a few times to understand God's love and direction. (I'm not quite as quick to fall into worry when I can't see for sure where they are headed.) God is gracious and holds onto His children. Better for them to be in His hands than sitting in mine!

The third reason to enjoy this more is because the older girls are joining us for our weekend away!

What young girl doesn't want a big sister to come along side her as she grows into a young woman? (It is no secret in our house when we hit these milestones. This is something to rejoice and help the others see that their little sister is growing up, and she is just like them now.)

I do realize that although I serve an important role in her maturing, I also realize when things come up, she will likely enjoy talking to a big sister, or two, verses me. I am so thankful that my older daughters are also excited about pouring into her life. I believe they take their position of being a role model to younger siblings very serious. They are now old enough to understand that their life DOES affect another. And they are willing to take on that responsibility! (Yes, I am blessed!)

I am off to get a little rest before we have some girl time this weekend! Can't wait to enjoy all 3 of my girls while we dig into God's word and remember His unique design in creating women.

I am thankful that God designed the perfect time...squeezed it in the middle of our chaos!

I am thankful he provided the resources for a weekend away...parents are out of town so we have free room and board to make this special for our newest teen.

I am thankful for the older boys helping take care of the younger ones so the girls and I can get away!

I am thankful for older daughters who will give up their own weekend events to love on their little sister.

I am thankful for a husband who works with me to juggle a crazy schedule to invest in our children. How grateful I am that I am not alone in raising these children. My heart goes out to the single parents. Hats off to you for carrying a heavy load.

Pictures by Miranda Ragsdale

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