Monday, October 18, 2010

What a Day

Well, it is never quite fun, but really should be expected, when you come off a great weekend (the mountain), there will likely be some valley time.

Fabulous time with my daughters! Getting away and relaxing a little with some great conversations. The girls thought life was calmer without the boys, and apparently when we got home, the boys felt life was calmer without the girls. I guess when you remove 4-5 people, it takes the chaos of 10 to a relaxation type feel!

Let's just say today was slightly stressful!

  • wake up at 4:00a.m. to have toddler climb in bed

(this means a lack of sleep since he is a rather violent sleeper)

  • 2 hours later I am woken up by working teen who cannot find van keys

(knowing in 2 hours I will have to awake again to go get van from working teen, it appears I am back on a nursing mothers schedule. And yet, no nursing baby in this house anymore!)

  • 2 hours later I am off to pick up van from teen

(knowing I will return home to 2 teens still sleeping, 1 very tired teen trying to manage 3 very awake little children!)

  • gotta get household into gear for homeschooling I gotta play bad mom even though they got to sleep in past 9:00a.m.!

(waking the other teens, means fun for me! )

  • immediately get school into gear and I find kids are not happy

(apparently, they believe that a weekend of freedom is supposed to carry over to the week!) NOPE..sorry!

  • kids mad about school means we have some really fun attitudes flying around.

(this means mom needs to exercise all grace to stay in calm mode!)

  • 2 little boys have lost all TV privileges due to not being nice at church childcare!

(this meant at any given moment they can create a mess in their fun!)

  • after stopping the fighting amongst the older siblings, keeping the little guys away from technology,and trying my hardest to home school someone with at least one subject, I was already hitting mid-morning!

(now exercising patience since I already feel behind by 10a.m.!)

THEN, you guessed it, THE TODDLER made his move!

Considering technology was put on hold he decided to search the cabinets while we are homeschooling down stairs. (all of 2 minutes of it!)

Next thing I know we hear a choking toddler as the 3rd grader yells, "someone come quick!"

The household takes off!

We round the corner of the kitchen to find a chair shoved across the room, cabinet door open, bag of powdered sugar in one hand and spoon in the other! A little puff of white smoke, teeth covered in white powder, and a little cheesy grin...then, the eyes get big and he begins choking again. That rascal not only ate powdered sugar, but has now INHALED powdered sugar!

Making a long story short, I decided to call the doctor around 3:00 considering we are still coughing, so we are now on toddler watch! Several doctor calls later and we are to watch to see if his body will take care of this or whether he could get pneumonia! (Basically we have to watch for a fever for the next 2 weeks or his mouth turning blue!) Seriously, I should have left him with the technology!

It has been a day of medical interruptions, mom in fight solving discussions, and yet another day gone by with home school NOT getting accomplished!

Needed to blog for my sanity, showered in case of emergency run to hospital, and I finally graded one child's work! I think I will quit while I am ahead!

See you tomorrow with hopefully an uneventful toddler day!

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  1. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. A kid inhaling powdered sugar? SERIOUSLY? You win the award for surviving this day!