Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just Like DAD

Our Saturdays consist of very little relaxation these days. What happened to lazy afternoons with nothing to do? Those days are gone. How about yours? From ceiling leaks to car leaks, these things keep this dad busy every spare minute. I love that this man has learned that quality time can take place while we do the things that 'must' be done.

These boys don't care that dad isn't sitting playing a game! They love that this dad lets them 'GET' into his business! They want to be part of dad's world. Dirt, grime and all!

They roll their sleeves up and get to work with dad. They love to announce to me that this is dangerous and they need to help dad! Is there any greater joy than seeing them mimic the man I love?

As dad took a break Brock was sure he could fix the problem. No worries, he is on it!

The fact that a little rain was involved just made the 'man' work all the more entertaining! Allow a creature to walk up to the action and you have instant entertainment for the toddler!

Yes, our Saturdays are anything but relaxing. But we will do what needs to be done with the kids in tow! We divide, conquer, and get some little one on one time as we do the normal daily routine of keeping a household of 10 running. Trading off kids to go on an adventure of a store here, return there, or the task of changing the oil on the car.

I am quite sure the boys enjoy the ride with dad a little more than me. Call me crazy but the discussions of fogging someone (apparently that is code word for fart), bathroom talk, and burps are not my thing. We discuss that what they get to do with mom and what they get to do with dad will be vastly different. What can be laughed at and discussed with boys MUST change when girls are present. We still don't allow unwholesome conversations. But I haven't met a boy yet, young or old, that doesn't laugh at the humor that only BOYS can enjoy!

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