Saturday, August 28, 2010

Passing it On...

See if this sounds like your family?

First week of school. Tired kids. Football season. Volleyball season. Tired Coach. Tired Mom. Lots to do. Not enough time.

What is this a prescription for?


And lots of it.

I have a hard time being nice, sometimes. OK. A lot of the time.

I'd rather talk.

Run at the mouth.

Defend my authority.

Remind them why they are wrong.

Yep, that sounds exactly where I have been this week. If this resonates with you I suggest you click on the link and finish reading a powerful blog post from my friend. She is a mom with a heart after God. Keeping her family rolling through life. And looking to God during the bumpy parts!

Sometimes the best plan is to keep my mouth shut.


  1. Thanks, Friend! Made me cry to see you post this. I'm really struggling! But I'm so grateful for a loving God who is teaching me and loving me in spite of my uglies! :-) Blessings on your weekend!

  2. I understand you Shannon!

    I always have to quote the verse "a gentle answer turns away wrath". God is so smart. It really does work!