Thursday, August 26, 2010

Throwing Out My Agenda

I am shocked to discover that without an official start date we have actually started school! In no way is this year going according to 'my plan'. I am pleased to discover school IS going and I am NOT very frustrated! *WOW*

My Agenda in my head would typically be...

  • start at a specific time - which we are not

  • everyone would sit at a desk - which they are not

  • all curriculum purchased and lesson planned - not even close

  • the house would be clean - which it isn't

  • all kids start at same time - not happening

  • everything organized and running in a timely fashion - uh...forget it

But guess what...?

  • school is getting done...and I am okay with our casualness

  • kids are spread out all over the house at times

  • curriculum is still in process of being ordered

  • our school areas and kitchen are clean but nothing else

  • I rotate kids so someone is left playing with the insane toddler

  • there is semi-organization we just don't run on a very specific time table

I am left wondering how long 'my agenda' will stay away?

It would be better if I could keep 'God's agenda' in play verses my own. For now the kids have a calm teacher. I am enjoying the moment of math being completed, the sound of phonics being done, and the sight of some pretty good penmanship. We still have other subjects to add to our list. They will come as we ease into our new year.

I think the Lord knew my plate was full and this mom would be drowning in life if I had the money to finish purchasing all we needed. He left me with just enough to get us going and not too much to sink me. p>

Thank you Lord for knowing my limits before I did. What a gracious God we serve!

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