Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The 40 Day Adventure - Day 1

Only God can call us to do crazy things-that don't make sense-with peace up front!

Who fasts for 40 days, at the beginning of the school year, homeschooling 6 kids, a toddler running around and college student in and out, and lets throw in the parents to make life more interesting?

Praise the Lord I have a man that walks through life with me. Barry and I celebrated 20 years of marriage yesterday. I am so thankful the Lord allowed us to celebrate before he called me to this next step of faith, the FAST!

Our entire church has been challenged to seek God. We eagerly walk as God leads in the coming days as we seek a Kingdom Passion.

Not only is our church walking this path but our home will be too. Barry and I look forward to growing with our children in the coming days. As we now have 5 kids teen and older we are each seeking God to what He ask us to Fast. From texting, to media, to food we shall all be encouraging one another on our walk. Yet each path will be a different avenue to give to God we are all pursuing the same GOD!

I have felt God's call to pursue a fast again for several weeks. (I did an 8 day fast in January and it changed my life in many ways. A time to rest, be more focused and see God more clearly.) How I long for that feeling again. Life is so BUSY, NOISY, CHAOTIC, and full of DRAMA. I find I am so easily getting distracted and thrown off track these days. I long to be focused on HIS path.

Not having the power to do what I knew God was asking me to do I think it is amazing how He moves our entire church on the path He so wanted me to take! And yet, still last night I was still wrestling with what God wanted me to fast. And yet, deep down I think I new as I kept coming up with other things to fast like coke, technology, or only certain foods that God was seeking more. I'm not sure if He will lead to a full 40 day food free fast for me. I do know I did 8 days and could have gone many more earlier this year. Each thing I wanted to give was a small thing to give up considering my Lord gave up His Son for me.

His gift was radical and my fast shall be radical because I want radical change, focus, and clarity.

Today will begin Day 1 of our fast. Seeking one day at a time at what God is telling us.

How will you seek His Kingdom? Are you on a RADICAL pursuit?

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