Monday, September 6, 2010

Growing Up and Moving Out

It is officially true that we have moved to the next stage of life! I am quite sure this would be harder for me to take if it were not for a toddler running around. (He keeps me grounded into the moment!)

It was obvious last week when I saw my precious, vivacious, joyful, entertaining daughter who nearly looked like a zombie, that something had to give. I was becoming concerned for her even though she had not complained or fussed about the amount of things she had to accomplish. I don't think words can say how proud we are of her earning her way through college, working a job, studying, and then serving at our church with the 6th grade girls. (I know her younger sister is overfilled with excitement to have her older sister leading her group.)

I can't believe how quick things can turn. We had a lunch date on Thursday for us to connect through our busy lives, for me to get an idea of how she was doing, and to hear how SHE feels she is doing. It was clear she needed the encouragement. And very obvious that something needed to give. The question was going to be WHAT?

It is amazing the amount of prayer that can be given up to the Lord
when you are on a FAST. I was so surprised at how quick he provided a

One phone call Saturday morning, a viewing on Sunday afternoon, and moving out Monday evening!

Good grief life can move fast!

WHAT a joy to see God move so quickly to provide affordable housing and a wonderful roommate in the process!

My heart is content as she moves to this next phase of life. I know we have prepared her the best we can as we put her more fully in the hands of the Lord.

LORD, here she is, this precious blessing you gave us so many years ago! Take our (yours and our) little girl and use her for your Glory!

What an honor to be allowed to parent this curly headed, strong willed, and AMAZINGLY excitable young woman!

(I mean that with all joy at this stage of life! Yes, there is light in the days ahead for these unique children.)

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